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I would highly recommend Resume Trendy to people out there! The service is tiptop, they managed to tailor my resume to the position that I was applying for..and it offers a variety of templates which are interactive and structured..thanks to Resume Trendy, I was called for an interview less than a week after I had emailed the resume to the company that I’m currently working with.

Azren Yusof
Pupil In Chamber

Template resume kelihatan sangat professional dan sesuai dengan pengalaman dan kelayakan yang saya ada serta membuatkan saya lebih yakin untuk menghantar permohonan kerjaya yang lebih besar di masa akan datang. (12 years experienced in banking institution)

Hafiz Hashim
Syariah Risk Manager

Resume Template from Resume Trendy totally changed my level of confident by enhancing my resume. It looks more professional and attractive. The little time I do have available to improve my resume is now spent to prepared for the next interview. Don’t be hesitate and go invest in your future with Resume Trendy. You won’t regret.

Safwan Shariff
BIM Modeler

Terima kasih sebab buatkan resume tu.. Saya dah selesai ke dua-dua interview.. 1st word yang panel interview sebut bila tengok resume ialah.. creative and wow.. Thank you sangat untuk template yang menarik dan sebab recommend template tu..

Siti Madinah

Organized, Professional, Precise and Perfect. Plus they have the best service too! Highly recommended for every job seekers.

Aliah Syamila
Finance Executive

I’m very pleased and satisfied with your service.

Biological Phd

The best resume template ever. Professional and flawless. I get 3 interviews called straight away after applied using this resume template. Their service is the best too.

Syed Hafiz

Saya rasa lebih yakin dan berpuas hati dengan resume yang saya hantar. Saya khususkan resume mengikut jawatan yang saya pinta di setiap syarikat yang di mohon. Alhamdulillah, saya mendapat banyak tawaran dari pelbagai syarikat.

Fadly Izzat
Site Safety Supervisor

Pendapat saya resume template ini sangat berguna. Selepas saya menggunakan resume ini, banyak company yang bagi feedback. Banyak company yang bagi job offer. Terima kasih Resume Trendy.

Hafiqah Hasyim
Human Resource Executive

Wow, looks well done designed. I am impressed.. Love your customer service. I will highly recommend your website!! Very professional!

Nallely Hentges, US

I have check the email. I am so satisfied with the resume & all of your works & ideas.. I will follow the steps that you have included. Thank you so much..

Quantity Surveyor

Thanks to Resume Trendy team.. You made excellent service to design my CV become very fabulous and great job and success always for you all..

Sales Manager

Very fast and efficient service, completely understand what I want and did it nicely…

Dr. Amira Fathiah
Dental Officer

Thank you for your service. Love how it been written. Start using it already. Thank you again. Hope for the best.

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